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Fashion art and styles have same demands and feature all over the world we can say that fashion and money definition is quite matched with each other because both are generally acceptable by the general public but when we talk about the fashion it differs due to cultural and religious terms I have visited approximately 15 countries having different cultures and for only two reasons I am keen to visit the countries first for getting knowledge and the second is to study their values that how can one universe be so different from one another although all are created by God Well after visiting the different countries one thing is clear to me that is embroidery is loved by everyone it is available in each country but obviously with a unique style as per its cultural requirements as this universe is full of creativities even the creation of this universe is already a creative thing but beside this it have many wonderful things in it The best thing in human nature it didn’t stops thinking and always works for the new invention if we have a look on ancient times when human were one age that was just thinking which encourage man to invent fire from the rock same like embroidery is when we talk about the earlier days it was quite unique and time taking process used by emperors and rich families as the time passes away it is promoted to machine embroidery and now the best selling items called baby item are designed by machine embroidery it definitely gives this a new platform for running a progressive business

Embroidery digitizing services are now working at it highest peak because of its formal and informal both qualities dancers hip poppers politicians NGO and new product launched companies use it for their marketing purpose that is why it is now used by many people because the working is so simple we just need a computerized machine in which we have to put vector files in the software required form means in digital form and we can get the design of our own choice on our desired apparel like t-shirts bags jeans etc software are available on internet as well or we can buy these software from the market at very nominal price and spreading very fast all over the world this service have really took the heart of many people in all over the world people belongs to different countries demanded the designs made by embroidery digitizing because of its think done quality and needle work as well As the world is more computerized now that is why items made by computerized designs are more acceptable by youth




The word “tatamiberi” is the cloth that covers the edge and also decorates the TATAMI some tatami do not have it in English it is called the mat edge the width of tatamiberi is about three centimeters the material on the tatamiberi is cotton yarn a synthetic material string and a gold thread features change according to what strings are combining with tatamiberi woven beautiful color handle sets off the room there are two types and the atmosphere of the room changes by the tatamiberi there are many kinds of tatamiberi but tatamiberi was used to show status for example the emperor ministers priests and scholars had different styles it was recorded in amanomokuzu in 1420 Japan has etiquette about tatamiberi Japanese are taught not to step on the tatamiberi it is easy to tear tatamiberi when stepping in the weakest part stepping on tatamiberi fades the color on the edge of cotton and hemp in the tatami therefore etiquette means not to hurt the mat care lassie stepping when you visit another house pay it attention also family crests were embroidered on the tatamiberi in old times too stepping on the family crest was taboo tatami mats are a traditional Japanese flooring the top surface is made of woven straw traditional tatami are packed with straw nowadays some of them are packed with Styrofoam tatami are individual mats they have a uniform size and shape they have borders of brocade or plain green cloth tatami were originally a luxury item for the rich at a time when lower classes had mat covered dirt floors tatami were gradually popularized and cheap digitizing finally reached the homes of commoners towards the end of the 17th century.

Japanese people have used tatami since the 710 to 794 they were knitted and became thicker like modern tatami people who lived in the Hein era stepped onto tatami to show their power and they spread the tatami only in a necessary part of the room the use of tatami was a little different from now the showing style of traditional Japanese residential architecture began in the kamakura era during this time people stopped spreading tatami around the room and placing them in the middle they started to spread tatami through the room people decided to spread tatami by the hearth and sit erect with their legs folded under tatami has been changing together with peoples life style.



Pixels are frequently defined by the designers as the art that is quite helpful for maintain a clear image which can be zoom at maximum level to get the best printing result without losing the quality of image. The software is called corel draw that helps designers to make an vector base image the software is quite cheap in price and easily available in the market thousands of new designers are working in the market because of its best business policies and the unique work it attracts everyone specially the new generation who are more keen about the computer world and helps young generation to prove there selves best than anyone generally it also creates an aroma of competition to everyone that gives extra ordinary results. My younger brother was quite slow in studies but his brain generates spectacular results in artwork even he left took part in many art competition where he got distinctive results so parents decided to put his complete efforts for art only and let him do his art work that causes best results in his life and he makes us feel proud to be his family. I am quite bad in art and far from new techniques of computerized artwork. Once I was in trouble by promising my girlfriend while helping her in her art assignment that was just to put an impression on her but I was so confused after that because I was totally blind to work on that so I decided to took my brother’s help he just took that image scan it and put it into an software then by importing the image and making some changes he completes that image in few minutes. When I asks that how he did this so fast then he told me about the vectors, by saying that vectors helps image to enlarge the pixels without losing its original shape and beauty.

Then I realized that art is just not a fun it is a technical thing that makes our lives quite beautiful. Often we observe that our cities are full of hoardings of advertisements. This did not lose the beauty of the image.

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By studying more deeply we come to know that Digitizing is the representation of an objectimagesounddocument or a signal by a discrete set of its points or samples the result is called digitalrepresentation for the object and digital form for the signal strictly speaking digitizing means simply capturing an analog signal in digital form for a document the term means to trace the document image or capture the corners where the lines end or change direction MCQUAIL identifies the process of digitization having immense significance to the computing ideals as it allows information of all kinds in all formats to be carried with the same efficiency and also intermingled the term digitization is often used when diverse forms of information such as text sound image or voice are converted into a single binary code Digital information exists as one of two digits either 0 or 1 these are known as bits and the sequences of 0 and 1 that constitute information are called bytes analog signals are continuously variable both in the number of possible values of the signal at a given time as well as in the number of points in the signal in a given period of time

Usually a restricted progression of integers therefore a digitization can in practical terms only ever be an approximation of the signal it represents analog signals are continuous electrical signals digital signals are non continuous analog signal can be converted to digital signal nearly all recorded music has been digitized about 12 percent of the 5 million plus movies listed on the internet movie database are digitized on DVDhandling of analog signal becomes easy when it is digitized because the signal is digitized before modulation and transmission the conversion process of analog to digital consists of two processes sampling and quantizing digitization of personal multimedia such as home moviesslides and photographs is a popular method of preserving and sharing older repositories Slides and photographs may be scanned using an image scanner but videos are more difficult digital preservation in its most basic form is a series of activities maintaining access to digital materials over time digitization in this sense is a means of creating digital surrogates of analog materials such as books newspapers microfilm and videotapes digitization can provide a means of preserving the content of the materials by creating an accessible facsimile of the object in order to put less strain on already easily broken originals.


Hiring a Digitizing Company

While in search of a good digitizing company, certain things should be considered. Online services are being offered by most of the digitizing companies. Internet is a good place to search for good embroidery companies. The place where a company is situated is not a matter of getting worried. The art work of your choice can be digitized very easily if you find an online digitizing company.

Five things must be kept in mind if you go for an online digitizing service provider.

Pricing is an important thing to be kept in mind while considering an online service provider. Pricing policies should be considered while going for online service providers. Only website survey is not enough for getting an idea about pricing, you should also ask via email. Our company offers cheap embroidery rates. Digitizing companies in Europe, Canada and America offer very attractive pricing with high quality services.

The quality of digitizing services is another important thing to be kept in mind. It is based on technology. The company that is using advanced technology is most likely to bring better quality. You must know the software program being used by the digitizing services that you have selected. If they have started business with low capital investment, this might be because they are not using good software for digitizing services. Number of employees working in the company also matters.

Service features are also an important thing in embroidery digitizing. Cheap digitizing pricing and quality is not the only thing to be considered while hiring a company. If variety of service features is not being offered by the company then another company should be hired in the same field. The important features that a company should offer include; backup tapes, discount offers and urgent processing of orders.

Our company offers a free trial design to its new customers. This will help you to analyze the quality of the services; also it will give you an idea about the turnaround time.

Customer support is another important thing. Without this a business is difficult to run. Like a good digitizing company our company has a dedicated customer support department where the queries of the customers are answered 24×7.

If you want to avail all the Embroidery Digitizing Service Features, our company is the best choice for you. We offer free trial design and much more to our customers to build confidence of our customers.

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Life is more about the fun and the creativity. We see everywhere that God has made a spectacular world full of colors, creativity and natural items which cannot be copied by human being but God has gave every human one thing that makes it different from each creature. A human brain is quite powerful than anything it is a blessing of God that makes us very respectable and ultra genius than everyone although the mentality of all humans are not same but it is very high and push our self to think beyond the limits. It was just a human brain’s efficiency that now we are able to invent new technology to push our self one step up to compete the world. When I was in childhood I often thought that we made paintings of nature that looks very awesome and when we looks towards nature it is very pretty but dangerous as well we cannot pressurize our mind that each n everything that God has made is extra ordinary beautiful and full of beneficent for all the creature in this world. Then I start painting the views of natural things that makes me so happy as I got young my passion diverted into photography and I aimed to captured the most beautiful clips of nature. I start my work with the help of a regular camera but after arrival of digital equipments it makes me more eager about my passion I use to capture images and then display them in my collection. Stepping up I was merely engaged in creative artworks I love to play with the images and that helps me a lot to create a new image from images. Adobe Photoshop, coral draw and many these kind of software are available in the market that helps to make fun with the images in a creative manner.

Vectors! Generally it is a mathematical expression to represent images in computer graphics which leads through locations called nodes or points. Each of the point has positions which are definite in figures of x and y axes. Furthermore a vector image is more concerned about the pixels in this category the pixels of image are not disturbed while enlarging it out of unlimited range. Vector image is concerned with the printing on fabric where a small design is converted into vector file so that it creates the best results while printing and could not damage the actual shape and beauty of the image.


The term ‘Digitizing’ covers the concept of conversion of images. Sounds or a document in a digital format by a usual set of samples there is a specific process which covers the efficiency. As we are all got quite digital now a day’s technology leads us to the upper level of ease that we are converting everything in digital forms which starts from the digital photographs If we look back to the past we use cameras for making pictures and then were a lengthy process to fetch the display of images on hard paper but when digital camera invented it is now the most easiest way to make several images and uploading them on social media just in a minute. I am a technology lover and I love to play with the images with different styles and conversion of images or text into different look it makes me to seek more and explore more information about the new inventions that is the reason I always want to be a good digitizer because I have that sense which is generally demanded by the public to be a good businessman I have to think as a consumer and must collect the knowledge of demand and taste of the buyer. My first project covers the digitizing of embroidery images and it was such a challenge for me to complete that project as we all say First impression is the last impression I was just in mood to give my 100% to that project because that would base my career for a long time. So the first thing I have done was research that helps me lot to identify the actual need of my client. Then I contact some experienced friends of mine that gave another level to my knowledge and finally I completed my first project. That project is quite near to my heart because it gave me strength to face challenges and how to overcome the mistakes.

Digitizing as well know very well is a conversion of image, document or sounds into binary format that is 0 and 1 to cover the sides and end of the object it can easily explained as scanning of printed photos in computer and then edit in that object according to new way or style to increase or decrease the resolution of images, text or sound. To make these changes inventors have introduce many software’s in the market which are easily available and online help is also available on search engines. Just with the little bit training we can seek that how we use that software.

Throughout the United States there are many collaborative project of digitizing. These projects found and print best practices for digitization and work with local associates to digitize cultural heritage resources. Supplementary criteria for best practice have more freshly been recognized in the UK, Australia and the European Union.

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