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A system for outwardly creating and altering unique clothing outlines including the steps of giving a majority of setups of individual article of clothing segments, for example, bodices, sleeves, collars, skirts, yokes and so forth, assembling a PC information base from which said parts may be recovered and collected in completed attire organize on a style figure plot in specific composite manner, along these lines outwardly showed and looked at on a realistic CRT and, if coveted, adjusted by substitution of any segment by determination of another component from the information base, or by the utilization of an electronic placing instrument, or the outline may be exhibited as stage of any one or more chose parts. At the point when a configuration is finished, its segment CRT picture is made accessible as hard duplicate, together, alternatively alone or in conjunction, with hard duplicate of the comparing example areas which can consequently be utilized as a part of cutting part parts embodying the outline on suitable piece merchandise. This creation relates for the most part to the field of piece of clothing plan, and all the more especially, to an enhanced strategy for acquiring one or plural outlines utilizing various drawing steps and related exploration. Especially in the field of ladies’ clothing, it is regular for an attire originator to outline upwards of thirty or more pieces of clothing, amid the course of a solitary day, from which an official architect, beautician, advertising agent, director or purchaser will choose potentially a few plans. Free digitizing dispatched an craftsmanship to give work books in which pages are committed to individual segments of pieces of clothing, for example, collars, sleeves, skirts, bodices, and so forth. The architect uses such books by beginning with a sheet of following paper whereupon a design figure has been printed. Next, a progression of piece of clothing segments are chosen, and with every determination, the following paper is situated by putting it upon the portrayal of the wanted segment, and covering up the head and shoulders of the figure, such that the fancied printed representation can be followed in fitting relative position. This methodology is proceeded until the greater part of the obliged piece of clothing segments have been chosen and followed upon the figure. After examination of the finished drawing, segment changes may be made by following the majority of the parts with the exception of those where change is coveted, or by deleting a part from a current drawing, after which another following of the wanted segment or part, utilizing an alternate portrayal from the work book, is made.

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