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Troubleshooting of Multi-Head Tajima Embroidery Digitizing Machine

The introduction of multi-head embroidery machines into the business is both exciting and terrifying. After two years of single-headed stitching, I think my new multi-head machine is exactly the same as my single-head Tajima embroidery digitizing machine. I quickly realized that was not the case! It looks the same, the head is the same, but I quickly found out that the problem I have encountered that I have never experienced before. Tajima offers advanced networking technology that allows you to connect as many embroidery machines as you need, making it ideal for high volume production.

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Tajima is an embroidery machine developed and marketed by Hirsch. Sometimes you may encounter problems with your Tajima machine. You can follow some troubleshooting techniques to resolve such issues. Quit Standby mode. Hold down the “SET” button and then “A”. Release both buttons at the same time. Restart your Tajima embroidery digitizing machine, plug it in, and insert it again.Make sure that the design is within the safe distance of the hoop edge of all machine heads.

When I followed the design, I quickly found that the needle in the center of the hoop was not exactly the same on all the heads. It is a very common problem that the presser foot is closer to the edge in some heads than in the other heads. I always use head number 1 to track my design. I trace a design that seems perfectly suited. I started the machine and the presser foot on head 6 hit the hoop side. The needle fell into the hoop and jammed the machine. I called the technician and gave me the advice.

Turn the machine off and rotate the shaft back to remove the needle from the ferrule. Then, remove all the hoop’s clothing and hand the frame to one side to bring the needle bar closer to the center of the hooded garment. Next, check that the take-up lever is in the same position on all the heads. If so, do a manual trimming to complete a loop. If the machine is not manually trimmed and the take-up levers are all in the same position, you can restart them. Make sure to replace the needle. (Often, the needle breaks when it hits the edge of the cuff). I found that all heads are usually within half an inch of all sides of the cuff. If your machine is not that much, you will need to adjust your design differences or use larger hoops.

When you develop a production plan for a new multi-head embroidery machine, the production speed is reduced by 10% to 20%. Yes, you can make more embroidery in a single day, but not six times more than you learned on a person-by-person basis. Single-head Tajima embroidery Digitizing machine running faster than the multi-head embroidery machine. Faster operation increases the chances of unnecessary problems.


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