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When to Seek Fresh Embroidery Digitizing For the Same Design?

The bottom line happens to be the impetus of any business. However, another important aspect of doing business is promoting your product or service. The more people who meet you, the greater your success chances. To this end, businesses continue and invest millions of dollars in their marketing strategy. There is no doubt that the benefits will happen sooner or later. One of the leading dilemmas that business managers suffer from these days is when to spend and when to save. After all, spending every dime of your profit on marketing efforts can never be a prudent thing to do. This dilemma often leads to managers trying to cut corners and save on whatever they can. However, there happens to be a fine line between skimping, spending and investing.


When it comes to embroidery digitizing or logo digitizing for the first time, decision makers or managers know they are making the right choices and have no doubts as to whether to spend money or save. However, when some elements change, they often wonder if it will be considered a sensible expense or squandering if they want to re-digitize the same logo or design.Here you will find the most common examples that will help you to estimate either your investment is good or just a loss.

  1. Scaling:

When you need to shrink or enlarge your logo or design it becomes one of the primary reasons you would need to head back to your embroidery digitizing professional. While you might think this to be an easy task that can be taken care of with simple adjustments in the software, it actually happens to be a lot more complex. This is because your digitizer will need to look at the design afresh and see how a change in size will affect the type of stitches used, sewing strategy, stitch length, stitch count, push compensation and even that the design doesn’t end up with gaps due to insufficient stitches.

  1. Change of Fabric:

So you’ve decided to upgrade your employee uniform or promotional giveaways from thick polyester to comfortable cotton or regular fleece to haute leather.

  1. Change of Garment Type:

You love how that logo sits on the t-shirt and want to replicate it on baseball caps. You’re wondering whether you can get away with the program used on your t-shirts, as they’re both 100% cotton. The answer here would be “no”. Embroidery digitizing for a shirt, cap, bag or even jacket for that matter is very different from their respective surfaces are very diverse. While shirts are flat, caps and circular in shape, thus requiring a completely different set of skills and instructions. Again, lost production time and ruined fabric can pile up the losses.




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