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Embroidery Digitizing: An Article for Newcomers

Honestly, there is a lot of material and I am really confused where I should start this article. I hope you guys would find it interesting and informative.I often meet the people, they ask me approximately the same question about embroidery digitizing, and roughly words would be:I am graphic designer/ illustrator, I use this and that and now I want to convert my vector designs into embroidery and market them” According to this scenario, people think that embroidery digitizing is an easy job to do or get maximum profit. Yeah, I agree you can, of course, do this with the help of few clicks, but what you think the designs would be good? No guys they will not. Digitizing is a skill to learn, a craft, a trade, and art absolutely. So if you going to become an embroidery digitizer/engineer you have to research a lot and need to collect the accurate information as well. Spend some time to learning, reading, researching, classes and getting experience to become an artist. After all of that, you just need to have a good computer installed with good and right software and embroidery machine.


Am I ranting a bit? I really don’t mean to. Embroidery digitizing is a skill and art. A good artist takes time, effort and a bunch of work to develop. Before jumping directly to become a digitizer/engineer, you need to carefully understand what embroidery is? You need to understand the needles, thread, stitches and where to use them. It is very popular nowadays, everything is available on the computer screen or internet but it is not. You can’t learn properly until you understand and do it practically.Next thing what you really need to understand, what is the embroidery machine, embroidery threads, hoop sizes, bobbin threads and needles etc. these all are the major and basic things of any embroidery task.

Next thing is a stabilizer, the stabilizer is something like which is design to support or replace the fabric under the stress of dense. It is multi directional machine stitching, it can be applied in many ways, but usually, it is used in conjunction with an embroidery hoop. The most technical part of it is to understand the stitches density. The design completely varies to stitch density. It will be ruined if you do not know how to fix it.Once you familiar with all described points, you will become a better digitizer/artist as well. These are some important tasks to perform, being an expert in these tasks you can definitely be able to get a digitizer job or make your own embroidery digitizing company.


Embroidery Digitization – Past, Present, and Future


In order to make embroidery digitising design, you must adjust the original design, making it look as good as three-dimensional embroidery. Modern technology has made marking or graphics processes easier to become stitch-able designs than in the past.

Machine embroidery history:

Embroidery products have always been an excellent promotional tool for businesses. Before computers and specialized software, you can create high-precision stitch guides based on high-resolution graphics files, and companies use punch cards to create embroidery patterns. Punch cards are considered the quickest and most accurate way to design embroidery machines for a long time. The punch card method of creating stitch guides is still limited in some places using modern technology, but almost all commercial embroidery patterns are now digitized.

Embroidery for decades:

First of all, all designs are stored on a floppy disk, easily delivered by the customer to the embroidery company, making the finished product. Most of the digitized patterns created for embroidery machines. Some embroidery companies still prefer to receive removable graphics on floppy disks, but many embroidery companies have invested in newer machines that now use more modern file transfer methods like flash drives.

Embroidery digital future:

Now that technology has evolved, and graphical interfaces such as touch screens and design screens have been created, the design digitizing in a different ways. The customers can draw on the screen and the future of digital embroidery is changing. Clients and digital design specialists who create stitch patterns from logos can use video chat for real-time collaboration. This makes it even easier to create a design that is embroidered on many different products.

The digitizing services

The digitizing services

It has become a common dilemma now a day that the acquisition of the best embroidery digitizing services is not an easy to approach phenomenon as most of the digitizers are not that skillful and experienced in this gigantic field of modern art. This is the main reason that people usually get disappointed when they don’t get succeeded in the achievement of their desired results related to the special embellishment of their required products and different type of apparels.

In the view of this, it has been commonly estimated that few of the top companies associated with this special trade of modern art always focus on the provision of the best digitizing facilities to all their global clients and in this regard, they keep on improving their designing traits in a number of different ways for the sake of providing a better trading experience to all of them.